…unter MIND findet ihr meine kreativen Projekte

…bei SOUL gehts um Yoga, meine Arbeit mit den Klangschalen,
ihr bekommt Infos über regelmässige Klassen und individuelle Sessions mit mir

…Events findet ihr gleich rechts

Dear Visitor, welcome to the world of matter, mind, soul & beyond.

> with MIND I invite you to browse my more conceptual, material projects: design jobs I did in the past, images gathered all over the world, and (soon) a little food for thought.

> SOUL will provide you with info about my spiritual journey and the healing modalities I offer – current yoga classes, as well as thai massage and singing bowl treatments

If you’re here to find out about already scheduled group events as, for example, Sonic Meditations, please direct your attention to the right.

I hope to see you around!



Upcoming Events: