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YOGA, [GENERAL/PERSONAL] – is a mirror. Its magic lies in its ways of making us see the world, others, and ourselves differently. It connects body with mind... yoga creates space. It lets us sweat it all out and breathe. Makes us aware of the mechanisms we use, physically and mentally, and by that, gives us a chance to break those subconscious patterns. It is you reaching out to yourself and giving yourself a hug.

YOGA,  [EDUCATION] – I have had more than 500 hours of training in teaching Anusara™ Yoga since 2013 and have studied mainly with Tara Judelle (USA) and Tina Lobe (Berlin), who both are incredible teachers. Other Teachers who I was inspired by were Emil Wendel, Barbra Noh,  Manel Rodrigues, John Friend & Desi Springer, David Regelin, Elke Svitek, Andrea Boni, Bill Mahoney and these awesome teachers who made me fall for yoga in the first place: Verena Jovan (Yogakula Karlsruhe), Daniela Bischoff (Yogahof Keltern) and Akiko Igarashi (Shima Healing). For a while now, I have been studying Meditation with Tobi Warzinek of Dharana Meditation – an immensely beneficial practice under the guidance of a wonderful teacher... I can only recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a deeper level of spiritual work.

YOGA [CLASSES] with me – What makes a good class for me? That is when I feel challenged, let loose, can experiment, am allowed to listen to my own body, have a good laugh, maybe hear something that makes me view things from another angle, and, in the end, find more space in body and mind. It is also what I hope you’ll experience in my classes... the goal is not to morph into a contortionist! We progress with ease and grace, starting from whichever level you feel comfortable with.  I am currently teaching a couple of classes each week in the Karlsruhe area – if you are interested in joining just drop me a line via email.

YOGA, [BEYOND]– there are some other passions I have which meddle and mix with the yoga asana practice... I am trained in Thai Yoga Massage (by Julia & Pascal Weis, check out their great videos if you don't know what Thai Massage is about) and do one-on-one-sessions on request. Thai Yoga Massage happens fully dressed and holds the same benefits as an active asana practice, but you don't have to tense a single muscle (since I am doing all the work for you). I am also a Singing Bowl Practitioner and am very fortunate to be able to learn from a true master in this field, Akiko Igarashi, Founder of Shima Healing (Thailand).  Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls are amazing instruments to guide you into a state of meditative, deep relaxation while the bowls' vibrations travel through your body and help it do its own healing work. Oftentimes, I combine all these practices when I have private sessions because they just fit so perfectly with each other. 



I work with an array of 7 large ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls and 6 smaller bowls, either for meditation concerts or in private treatments. I offer group sessions or individual appointments – please contact me via email to schedule a session matching your preference.


The session will be tailored to your needs: either a pure singing bowl session or a mix of singing bowls, thai yoga massage, and meditation. I will also use essential oils and / or help you find yoga poses that suit your body in your home practice, support you mentally and alleviate ailments like chronic back pains etc .


Group sessions are possible either as just singing bowl meditation concerts or as concerts in combination with individual mini sessions for each participant.